About Me

About Me

I have lived in Austin Texas for most of the past 33 years. I received my training at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and graduated in 1990.

While growing up in California I was a very active person. I played most sports with great success.t I also am a trained dancer, having taken over fifteen years of ballet and jazz. . I have always had a love for being in the body, walking, hiking, swimming, dancing and just playing.  I have six grown kids and was a stay at home mom until my youngest was school age. For the past thirty years I have done a deep study of human movement.


My Practice

Rolfing is fabulous, I love the work I do, it feels good to do it. My clients are very important to me, mostly I want for them a very free moving body supporting them in every aspect of their lives. This is a wonderful feeling of well being.

Everyone comes in with different goals. Out of balance, an aching knee, their neck does not feel right etc…….the beauty is, that often its just because a person is out of alignment and needs help getting back to balance in gravity.

I feel my specialty as a Rolfer is really being able to get into the connective tissue and effect change. I have a special sense of touch and always have and I can get deep and do the work. I am not forceful, its a way to deeply listen to the rhythms of the body at all levels. I can feel it! I will also watch you walk and move and can see what in your body is working for you and where you are holding and stuck. I have genuine presence for everyone that comes to me. I listen to you and what you are experiencing so that at each session you can start to work and feel better.

The level of contact I have with you will translate for you into a deeper relationship with your own body and that is truly transformative.


Rolfing for Children

One of the best things you can do for your children is to get them Rolfed. They are still growing and have a huge capacity for change. I have worked on many kids and teenagers over the years. It helps them with all aspects of their lives.

Accidents and injuries
Poor coordination
Aches and pains of growing
Curved spines
Poor posture
Movement and motor skill capability
Improved self image