Rolfing Info

Rolfing in Austin – What is Rolfing?

Dr. Ida Rolf coined the term “structurally integrated” to explain Rolfing which is an art of bringing balance to the body through reshaping and realigning.  Rolfers look at each unique body to see the negative impact gravity is having in an effort to undo those negative impacts and bring the body back to a natural state of alignment and balance.  Aligned bodies experience fewer aches and pains as well as greater range of motion.  Many people also report being more happy, confident and better able to manage stress after their Austin Rolfing experience.

Rolfing is usually a service performed in a 10 session series.  Rolfing sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.  Rolfing sessions can be scheduled from once per week to once per month based on your needs and your schedule.


Rolfing in Austin – Why Get Rolfed?

The answer to this question is quite simple; Rolfing provides a similar benefit for your body that regular oil changes provide for your car.  Human bodies are complex webs of cells, tissues and organs.  Time, gravity and activity all play a role in shifting our cells, tissues and organs out of alignment which affects all of our internal body processes.  Austin Rolfing is an experience that can help center your body and mind and put you back in a natural state of balance.


Rolfing in Austin – How Does it Work?

To understand how Rolfing works you first need to understand how we view the body.  We know that human bodies rather than being made mostly out of cells like most people think, are actually more made out of all the tough, fibrous connective tissue sheathing that surrounds and inter-penetrates all the muscles and organs.  This connective tissue “stuff” is a colloidal material which simply means that it is a very dense gel, and like Jell-O that can be softened by heating, this material can be lengthened and repositioned by carefully and precisely applied pressure.  This material is sort of like modeling clay in that once it has been given a shape it holds that new pattern rather than returning to how it used to be.  This is true for disorganization that comes from accidents and injuries, or for patterns that more gradually are developed by our posture and how we use our bodies, and it is true for the improvements brought about by Rolfing.


Rolfing in Austin – How Does it Feel?

It should feel right in an interesting sort of way.  It may be uncomfortable at the time but even then it should feel like a “good kind of hurt,” as if you are re-experiencing pain and tension held in your body as you release it, AND THEN IT IS GONE!!!  We will be very sensitive to your feelings and only apply the amount of pressure that you determine feels right to you.  People who have experienced various kinds of massage or deep tissue work say it feels different than any of those.  This is because we focus on the planes of connective tissue in the body with their differing depths and directionality and work with each person’s individual pattern.


Rolfing is Unique, You Will Feel Better!

There is no other process like Rolfing.  It is unique in focusing upon the connective tissue, understanding gravity’s effects, and changing the pattern of the entire body.  This whole body approach is necessary because all the physical and emotional stresses you’ve experienced have spread throughout your body as one area compensates for what is happening in another.  The result of this “structural integration” is that the entire person functions at a higher level of order.


Please note that the terms Rolfing and Rolfer can only be used by those certified by the Rolf Institute.  This helps you select a practitioner that has been trained to the high standards of the school founded by Dr. Ida Rolf.