With more than 20 years experience and a passion for Rolfing, it is no wonder that Allison Hubbard’s clients leave great Rolfing Reviews after their experience.  Below are a few of the Rolfing Reviews that have been left for Allison Hubbard.


“I sought Allison’s help after a car accident  and repetitive stress made it difficult to do normal every day tasks like washing my hair.  After one session, I knew I was going to get better! It’s been 8 years since my first appointment and I continue to see Allison for tune ups as needed.  Her intuitive, healing touch and warm, loving approach plus years of experience make her an excellent Rolfer.”

-Patty S., Austin, TX


“Before I saw Allison, my chronic back pain frequently left me unable to move. That was 9 years ago. I have virtually no back pain whatsoever since my treatment by her, despite now being a marathon runner.  Aside from her manifest skill at rolfing, she is also a pleasure to be around; witty, wise and good humored. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Robert M., Austin, TX


“I was nervous for my my first rolfing appointment, I had heard from friends that it was a painful experience and highly uncomfortable! Boy were they wrong! I found it to be extremely helpful with releasing tension. I recently slipped and fell  and  was having horrible pain in my back and shoulder, I tried massage therapy and got no relief. Even after just one appointment my injury felt ten time better!Allison is passionate about she dose and truly want you to feel better!”

-Sarah B., Austin, TX


“Allison is a fantastic healer.  She made me comfortable from the moment I saw her.  The cocoa butter she uses smells divine and is perfect for what she is doing.  She spent a ton of time on my shoulders and neck, which I always feel is rushed with other practitioners.  Her new place is beautiful and simple.  I give her 6 stars.”

-Tania B., Nashville, TN


“Allison is a  intuitive genius. I really didn’t know what was going on with my body, just that it hurt. My job is very physically demanding. Allison was able to explain to me how I was using my body in the right and wrong ways, and has given me suggestions on ways to lift, bend, etc. that will cause less stress on my body. Rolfing with Allison really opened my eyes to how all of the parts of my body are connected and it has consistently cured my aches and pains. I’m a believer.”

-Ezra G., Washington, DC


“Allison is a gifted, intuitive and very special practitioner. Although I have had experience with other rolfers, there is no one as beneficial and comprehensive in their approach like Allison.  I don’t think I can describe it, but her touch is deep and healing, yet comforting and loving all at the same time.  After having been treated by Allison my body feels capable of  pursuing an athletic lifestyle and she keeps me in good, working order.  I noticed that my posture has improved dramatically and my rounded shoulders were eased into a better aesthetic position and I gained an inch in my height!  I have had the great good fortune to have found Allison and I recommend her highly.”

-Sarah L., Los Angeles, CA


“I cannot say enough about my experience with Allison Hubbard. I started having severe back pain several years ago. I went to 3 physicians, a physical therapist, and a chiropractor for well over a year but with no relief. Even steroids injections did not offer me any relief. The “catch” in my back was interfering with everything I was doing – work, play, rest. One session with Allison and I was hooked. I completed the Rolfing sessions with Allison and the “catch”, the pain, was GONE!

I felt so hopeless; I thought I was going to be in pain forever. But Allison convinced me that I was too young for this type of pain.

She also treated me for foot pain (plantar fasciitis), and since I’m a nurse and on my feet every day, this too was lifesaving. I avoided surgery and a cast, as recommended by my podiatrist, because of the work Alison did.
I continue to see Allison every few months for bodywork maintenance. I cannot say enough about her. She comes with the highest recommendations. She is a lifesaver. A quality of life – saver!”

- Summer L, Nurse Anesthetist